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Saturday, February 24, 2007
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My Life Here in America

Friday, February 23, 2007
Hello My Name is Meraluna Mummert, l'm from Cebu City Philippines and l grow up in Angeles City Pampanga. l have 2 siblings one sister and one brother they are living in Angeles City Pampanga right now. and my mom and step dad also lived there and me l been living here in States 6 yrs now and l been married to my husband Shawn Mummert for 10 yrs now in august 25, 07 and we have 2 wonderful kids Liam and Leslie. My eldest is 7 yrs and my little one is 3 nexthmonth. and right now l'm just a stay home Mom and just taking care of my kids and sometimes l do work on the weekend if there work for me at the comissary here in Ft Meade MD, andmy husband his in the army for 19 yrs now and he don't know yet how long he will be in the army it depends if he wants to stay in the army. Coz the life being married with the army is hard especially with my husband there always away and as of me l just need to be strong kasi talagang ganyan ang buhay miltary eh. well naalala ko pa nga nanganak ako sa 2 kung baby ako lang mag-isa sa delivery room at ang akong bestfriend lang kauban nako si lulu na amiga pa nako sa pinas pa me ana. maayo nalang gud naa ang akong bf gud nang dala sa akoa sa hospital. at yon napanganak nako ang akong babaye na si leslie Erin at wala man sad ko pahirapan niya kasy normal ang akong delivery at walay gamot gud huhuhu. well hangggang dito nalang muna ok mag sulat ulit ako bukas kasi magsundo me sa akong bana sa airport his arriving today from Arizona nang TDY. well guys hope you enjoy reading my Blog........
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Lady's i would like to welcome all of you here in my blog,
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